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Responsibly sourced

Marine ecosystems are critically important to our daily lives and the future of the planet. Covering three quarters of the earth’s surface, oceans serve as a key source of food, with more than 3 billion people depending on the oceans as their primary source of protein. Fishing is also a major source of employment around the world, with 200 million people directly or indirectly employed in fisheries.

Customers want to buy affordable, high-quality fish, from fisheries where stocks are healthy, environmental impacts are minimized, and good management is in place. We are helping to offer this and have an ambition for 100% of our seafood to be sustainably sourced. Many of our source fisheries are already certified as independently certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard, whilst others are working towards this goal, often through Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs).



Aquaculture is a global industry that is expanding rapidly to feed a growing population. This industry needs to be nurtured and at Tesco we have established Aquaculture Requirements which outline standards that we apply to all our aquaculture producers to ensure good farming practice. These requirements address animal health and welfare, environment, ethics and feed. Tesco aquaculture producers are independently audited against Tesco Aquaculture Requirements to assess compliance.

Encouraging diverse diets

We are working with our suppliers to provide customers with the widest possible variety of fish species. We are proud to have increased our sales of lesser-consumed species such as hake, sardines, pollock, sprats and mackerel in recent years, and are working to ensure that we continue to develop our range, in order to offer new and exciting options to our customers.
Human rights

All our seafood suppliers are bound by the Alex Seafood Ethical Trade Requirements. To ensure that workers in our supply chains are working safely and treated with respect along the entire supply chain, we have worked with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership undertake a human rights risk assessment of our international seafood supply chains. This is enabling us to identify areas where workers may be at risk, and to work in partnership with our suppliers on any improvements that are needed. We will work closely with NGOs and other civil society actors to ensure that we are driving change in the most impactful way possible.


Our staff are our biggest asset. Everyone at Ales seafood has a passion for the seafood we catch. From our sales staff to our blockmen, each member of our team has an important part to play in your fish delivery. Our sales staff take your orders and are on the front line of what we do, speaking directly to chefs and advising them on seasonality, sustainability, and flavors.
Our blockmen fillet and cut our fish with expertise and consistency to your exacting standards, working tirelessly overnight to ensure your fish is ready for your morning delivery.
Our picker packers hand selects your fish and pack your order with care, hoping to get a wow as you open your box.
Our drivers develop relationships with our customers so as to best schedule their routes each day, ensuring deliveries arrive as early as possible.
Our back-office support team ensure you’re invoiced on time and will take care of any additional administration supporting the sales team. Our management team are proud of the fish we catch and have an infectious passion which is instilled to all our staff.

Market place

Our valued market chain connects our wide variety of customers directly to the source, whether it’s deep seas, farms, or nature. It is as if the bounty of the ocean or freshness of a garden, were right in your backyard. As the one of the largest and leading integrated seafood company in the world, we are proud to offer this unique A-Z capability, connecting you to the source of your food.

Global network

Meeting the needs of retailers and our global customers, food service providers and driving category innovation, the Alex seafood product development team spots market trends and identifies opportunities, ideas, and requirements for new products. Often this is done exclusively in close cooperation with a partnering customer. At other times, new products are developed in-house by Alex seafood and become widely available thereafter. Around the world, there are several well-recognized brands that are produced by Alex seafood.


Traditionally, trading of fish is generally channeled through importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and agents. Currently, it has completely changed with improved logistics into the fish trade. Therefore, shorter supply chains and more direct relationships between exporter/processor and retail supermarkets have been introduced.
We obtain fish from our local fishermen and transport them to our various locations where they undergo several procedures. We also directly supply to supermarket chains while identifying the end users and their requirements.

Currently, the relationship between our fishermen, processors and supermarkets is very strong. The exporters are fond of direct exports rather than going through indirect channels.
As an island with a territorial sea of 21,500 km2 and a coastline of 1340 km, Sri Lanka has a rich supply of fish and seafood. The fishing industry plays an important role in Sri Lanka’s Social and Economic sectors and the country is home to a large fisheries community, who reside along the coastline. The country combines new technology with traditional knowledge and skills in maintaining quality and sustainability in the fishing industry.

Today, Sri Lanka has emerged as a quality fish and seafood exporter, supplying predominantly yellowfin and tuna species, crabs, prawns, and mollusks species to international markets. Adherence to the latest technology in product development, processing, and packaging techniques ensures that Sri Lankan fish and seafood products that reach the international market are superior in quality, taste, and texture.


We have a choice of freezers and cold stores in a range of capacities suitable for storing a large variety of your products. With the short lifespan of fish once caught, it is essential for them to be quickly and permanently frozen almost from the time of being caught to the time it is purchased by the consumer.
Certain fish variety can be stored for up to 15 days. Therefore, the use of our much more highly efficient and powerful products is extremely important for a successful and effective prolonging of your stock life and in turn the reduction of waste.
We meet the needs of the fishing industry through a selection of features specifically designed to allow your company to be more efficient and effective in your cold storage abilities.


The Alex Seafood (Pvt) Ltd is a BOI approved leading seafood Export. As a sea food processing and exporting company, following certificates and approvals have been awarded to this company ensuring Food Quality and Safety, environmentally friendly, sustainability of the biological systems. These include Friend of the Sea Certificate (Environmentally friendly, sustainability of the biological systems) and HACCP (Food Quality and Safety. We have also performed extremely well in quality department category while Maintaining HACCP, GMP and SSOP Documents, Sample preparation for external laboratory tests, DFAR, FOS audits and analyzing (Histamine, Cl, and pH level in water)