See Healthy and delicious seafood

More than 3 million Alex Seafood meals are enjoyed around the world every day. Thanks to our world-leading, innovative and sustainable approach, we offer a wide selection of healthy, delicious seafood. Our customers can choose from a range of products, including whole gutted fish, fillets and steaks, to ready-to-eat items like smoked fish.

At Alex Seafood, our goal is to create a unique culinary experience for our valued customers. We produce the highest-quality tuna: our products range from whole fish to plain or marinated fillets and steaks, to hot- and cold-smoked tuna, all the way through to succulent burgers and delicate tartars.

We take utmost pride in our attention to detail, caring for our products throughout the value chain. Our consumers and customers can be assured that the meal on their plate is as safe and healthy as it is delicious.

Product Range

Whole gutted fish, head on and head off, including Label Rouge salmon from Scotland and Norway and organic salmon from Ireland.

  • Fillets guide
  • Steaks, cutlets, portions, loins, kebabs, steak combos (steaks plus tail fillets)
  • Salmon, white fish or other seafood
  • Other options as agreed with the customer

Fresh and frozen. Secondary processed products such as fillets, portions, steaks and kebabs are available in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays and other retail packaging such as bags, show boxes, vacuum skin pack trays and flow packs.

Major Fish Products

Sword – (Normal Loin and Sword Fish H&G)
Tuna – (Center Cut and Normal Loin)

Our product ranges

• Yellow fin tuna (Thunnus albacares)
• Lutjanus spp. (Red snapper)
• Sword fish (Xiphias gladius)
• Scarus spp. (Parrot fish)
• Parupeneus spp. (Goat fish)