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Alex sea Food is one of the leading swordfish suppliers to the global market, stressing on quality and sustainability. Swordfish contain multiple nutrients, which our bodies are unable to produce and hence obtained from our food intake. It is a fish that has exceptionally high levels of Selenium, Vitamin D and other nutrients and being a recognized swordfish supplier, we know the demand that this fish has in the global market. This white meat fish has a mild flavor and is becoming increasingly popular because of its high protein low fat composition. Being one of the top swordfish suppliers in Sri Lanka, all our swordfish are caught from the Indian Ocean, and maintained at 0 ⁰ C till dispatch. Swordfish products are sealed in Vacuum bags (LDPE + Nylon) and packed carefully with plenty of gel ice to maintain total freshness. As a leading swordfish supplier, we can also offer packaging for retail use and process the meat according to your specifications.