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Founded in 2006 by owner and CEO …………, Alex Seafood is a top seafood distributor offering more than 30 varieties of eco-friendly Indian water fish to over 5,000 customers, including top chefs across the country.

It is one of the few direct distributors in SriLanka that exports to half the globe at large. With more than 15 years of experience, Alex Seafood is known for its exceptional high-quality products. The company is committed to the environment and to promoting sustainability in its fishing practices.

At Alex Seafood Company, each fish is chosen with great care by experts — hand-selected and inspected personally in the early morning hours at the seafood market to ensure it meets company standards.


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Fish and seafood processing and packaging is a valued industry in America. Many types of seafood products are available in the U.S., from shellfish captured in the ocean to freshwater fish from lakes. After fish is caught, it must be processed and packaged to reach consumers as an edible product.

Fish Processing

Fish processing involves preparing fish and seafood for delivery to consumers. Once fish is harvested, it must undergo several steps before it’s ready to be sold in the market. The process includes gutting, filleting, and packaging of the product. Fish is a highly perishable food, so it must be carefully handled from the moment it’s caught until it’s sealed in packaging material. Proper, efficient processing and packaging prevent deterioration and ensure a quality product.

Packing & Quality

Packaging is used to protect fish & fishery products from damage during handling and transport. Packaging of fishery products under modified atmosphere (MA)increases shelf life of the fish product compared to those packed under air. Fresh chilled tuna loins are packed in individual vacuum packed LLDPE bags. Vacuum pouches, Gel ice packs, Styrofoam boxes and Corrugated boxes are used as packaging materials for fresh and chilled products.

Fish Exports

Our key seafood exports from Sri Lanka include fresh and frozen yellow fin tuna, shrimp, prawns, and crabs. The industry is a valued around 300million dollars. Our main markets are Europe, US, and Japan. The food service and retail have become more important now than ever with all the functions of a market (supply, demand, and production) coming to a standstill.

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“When we say our fish is first class, we assure our product is produced under the best aquaculture practices, being socially responsible and environmentally friendly, produced in compliance with international regulations and following the highest standards in the shrimp industry”
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